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Seizure Warning: Blinking lights 


This a Prototype made for to mix Golf and a Shooter. The Project was made to now and how fast i can make a idea into a game in a small time frame. 

The Games name from Latin to English is: Television Computer Golf

Normal Controls:
  • [LMB] Launch Ball
  • [E] Stop in current Position
  • [ESC/P] Pause
Flying Controls:
  • [WASD] Move
  • [LMB] Shoot
  • [SpaceBar/Shift] Up/Down
  • [E] Stop in current Position
  • [ESC/P] Pause

Assets use:
Font use by David Libeau

Minigoff Models By @KenneyNL

Hit Sounds by spaciecat and doty21
Music "searching" -yd


Television Computer Golf v.1.7z 339 MB

Development log

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